Bygdeboks (Farm Books) old

What Are Bygdeboks?

Bygdebøker are books that contain the history of a small rural area such as a community or parish. They often have a general history of the area, and then they have history of each farm in the area, including a chronological list of owners going back many generations.

These websites will help you learn more:

Lodge Members' Bygdeboks

Several GIG members own one or more Bygdeboks, and are willing to share them with other lodge members who are researching their family history.
  • Bømlo, Hordaland Volume III (copies of 12 of 21 farm chapters) - Burt
  • Gol, Buskerud (photocopies of some pages) - Christine
  • Hitterdals-boken, Heddal, Telemark - Pam
  • Holt, Aust Agder - Burt
  • Jølster, Sogn og Fjordane - Rick
  • Lom, Oppland (all four volumes) - Christine
  • Sande Community, More og Romsdal - Marvin
  • Sveio, Hordaland volumes 1 & 2 - Burt
  • Vanylven Community,More og Romsdal - Marvin

Finding Bygedeboks

Lists of Bygdeboker - Links by Norwegian county/parish to lists of bygdeboks.  Some bygdebok descriptions include lists of farm names.  A few bydgeboker are now on the internet.  Gives full title, author, publisher & publication date (needed for requesting a bygdebok through inter-library loan).

How to obtain a bygdebok by Inter Library Loan - Bygdeboks are available through interlibrary loan in the Fairfax County Public Library system, as well as other libraries. You may be required to pay a small fee.