Meetings & Events

Lodge meetings are usually on the 3rd Friday or Saturday of the month from September through June, with picnics in July and August. Meetings are open to all with an interest in Norway. 

Each meeting features a cultural/educational program, often with a guest speaker. Most meetings have a potluck dinner, or a lighter "finger foods" or dessert-only potluck.

Lodge meetings and events listed below are held at Norway House unless otherwise specified. Directions to Norway House

Upcoming Monthly Lodge Meetings

November Lodge Meeting
Saturday, November 17, 5 PM Potluck followed by a
re-telling of  the Vinland sagas by Owen and Elspeth Christianson

Come and listen to Owen and Elspeth Christianson re-tell the Vinland sagas. It’s a story of adventure and intrigue where a set a bed posts and murder caused the settlement of one land and the discovery of another, or for the love a women the first church in the new world was built. There is the excitement of new lands, bold adventurers, plagues, ghosts, and notorious murderers. Great people or bold people, they were just like us, Scandinavian

December Lodge Meeting
Sunday, December 16,  5 PM Potluck followed by a presentation on the Northern Lights by 
Dr Pål Brekke and traditional Norwegian Christmas songs.

What is more beautiful on a cold winter’s night than catching a glimpse of the northern lights or “aurora borealis” dancing across the sky? This stunning phenomenon is deeply embedded in the mythology of many cultures, and in the past, the causes of northern lights were ascribed to everything from dancing spirits to God’s anger. But no one suspected a connection with the Sun until a little more than a hundred years ago, when an eccentric Norwegian scientist, Kristian Birkeland, realized that the Sun bombards the Earth with particles. 

Today we observe the Sun from satellites and can predict the Northern lights. And scientist are using ground based observatories, sounding rockets and satellites to understand the secrets behind the aurora - and to better understand the Sun-Eearth connection. With our ever increasing  technology based society this research also have an important practical as well.

This multimedia presentation will take the audience through the history of this phenomenon from ancient times to modern space based science.

The lecture will include several clips from a new wards-winning documentary «The Northern Lights - a Magic Experience» as well as new stunning real time video of the Northern Lights. 

Other Lodge Events

Reading Circle

Tuesday., October. 23, 7:30 to 9 PM
Broken by Karin Fossum
RSVP to for
time and location.

Norwegian Language & Conversation
Summer break is over. Classes resume 
September. 5. Meets every Wednesday
Beginner 6 PM, Interm. 7 PM, Adv. 8 PM