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Cultural Skills

Pins received by member Rick Nelson for completing all three levels

Genealogy Cultural Skills Program

The international Sons of Norway website has a 60-page guide that outlines the steps for each level in the Genealogy Cultural Skills Program and contains numerous Norwegian genealogy resources. You must be a member and log in to download this resource


Genealogy Cultural Skills Medal (UNIT 5)

This program is an excellent way to learn genealogy or enhance your genealogy skills.

Genealogy - Family History 

Get the unit PDF (this includes the instructions as well as many genealogy resources

Part 1: Part 1 Getting Started 

Download Level 1 report form 

Part 2: Expanding Your Ancestor Chart 

Download Level 2 report form

Part 3: Finishing Your Ancestor Chart and Family Group Sheets 

Download Level 3 report form


You will need to fill out these Ancestor & Family Group charts and the Sources Sheet for each level.

Ancestor Chart
Family Groups Chart
Sources Citation Sheet
Additional Resources