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Cultural Skills Old Version

Pins received by member Rick Nelson for completing all three levels
Read below to find out the requirements for the Sons of Norway Genealogy Cultural Skills program.

The international Sons of Norway website has a 60-page guide that outlines the steps for each level in the Genealogy Cultural Skills Program and contains numerous Norwegian genealogy resources. You must be a member and log in to download this resource.

Level One Requirements

Section One: Ancestor Chart

Add five people to a 15-person ancestor chart: yourself, your parents, and one set of grandparents.

Many charts are available on the Internet and on software programs such as Family Tree Maker. They are often called pedigree charts.

You may use any appropriate chart of your choosing, or download one here: 15-person Pedigree Chart

  • The chart must contain complete names (first, middle, surname, marriage name)
  • The chart must contain complete dates (day, month, year - birth and death)
  • The chart must contain complete place descriptions (city, county, state)

Section Two: Family Group Sheets

Complete at least two family group sheets. They should contain the first five people on your chart. Enter complete names and dates.
  • Family Group Sheets can be found on the Internet and in software programs such as Family Tree Maker, or download one here: Family Group Sheet

Section Three: Document Your Findings

Document your findings with primary sources/records and attach documents to the family group sheets where the individuals described are located.

You do not need to provide copies of the documents. You just need to provide a detailed report of the exact location of the record.

For the five people on your pedigree chart , you must provide proof of birth. List name, parents, date of birth/baptism, place of birth, location of record

For the five people on your pedigree chart, you must provide two marriage records. If you have three, document all three. List names, ages if available, witnesses if listed, place of marriage, location of record.

Provide death records for those of the first five people who are deceased. List name, age, place of death, location of proof.

For a sample, see my charts with the sensitive data removed: Sample Chart

Section Four: Tell a Story

In a page or two, tell a story about yourself or one of the first five people on your pedigree chart. The list below is only to get you started thinking; be creative!


  • the day that ... (I got married; Billy broke his arm; Grandpa went fishing)
  • a story my (father/mother/grandmother) told
  • the schools in my life
  • my best friend
  • A visit to Grandma's house
  • My hometown
  • Christmas at our house
  • the week at the lake
  • at home on the farm

SAMPLE: Here is the first page of my activity: The Schools in My Life

Section Five: Project

Choose a project
You can think up your own project or choose one from the list below.
  • join a genealogical group that shows interest in family history  [You have already done this one!]
  • review a genealogy book, evaluating its usefulness, accuracy, ease of understanding
  • review a Norwegian Bygdebok and tell how it helped (or frustrated) you
  • follow one line as far as it can be documented
  • choose one of your ancestors and prepare a descendants chart
  • make an album of family pictures
  • describe your immigrant's voyage - ship, dates, ports
  • tell how you solved a particular research road-block
  • volunteer to help your bydelag genealogist with a project
  • organize a family reunion
  • work on writing/publishing a family history book (Since this is such a big project, you may use this at all three levels of the CSP)

Section Six: Putting it all together

Package your report in some kind of report cover or binder. Be sure to make a copy for yourself; the copy that you submit will not be returned. Your report must include:
  1. The five sections outlined for Level One
  2. The Sons of Norway Cultural Skills Report Form, completed
  3. The Feedback Questionnaire