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Message Boards & Email Lists

If you hit a dead end in your research on a particular individual, you might try posting to a genealogy message board or email list. Three online message boards were cited as particularly appropriate and useful by group members. Message Boards
These are free message boards. You can search for names/keywords etc., or browse boards of surnames, topics, locations or general topics such as genealogy software. You can also post a message or question to any board.

Genforum (part of
Similar message board to above, but smaller. Since Genforum is part of, which includes Family Tree Maker software, you can get help from FTM volunteers in addition to anyone else who wants to respond.

US GenWeb Project
All volunteer (free access) sites. Most of the info is in the county site in each State. Each County site is different.  Many have cemetery transcription lists, local histories, message boards, and much more.

Norway Mailing List (email list)
This website has lots of genealogical information, as well as an email list where you can post any questions you have in doing your research. Pam says that it is phenomenal how quickly people come up with answers.