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Roots Project

Christine created these county maps, indicating the origins of lodge members' ancestors.

The Roots Project is an effort to compile a “Book” that profiles the immigrant ancestors of lodge members. Our purpose is to build the Book for lodge members to learn a little more about Norway, its culture and who and what our ancestors were about. There is also the possibility that you may find a relative in the lodge.

The Book will include a chronological narrative of each immigrant or immigrant family describing their who, what and where in Norway, how they came to America and what they did when they got here. The profile can be enhanced by photos. The Book is divided by county (fylke), and includes descriptions and a little geography and history of each county. The Book also includes an appendix with longer stories about our ancestors.

To date we have collected 19 profiles from 7 lodge members. We also have 5 of the longer stories for the appendix. Also, there are several members who are working on their contribution. We are now looking for your contribution. Please send your contribution Christine, Marvin or Burt, or contact us for questions at Below is the general format for the profile of your immigrant ancestor.

Project Format

General outline for the ancestor profile

Prepare one for each of your immigrant ancestors (family or individual), with photo(s), if possible.

Part 1: Profile

  • Your name and Photo
  • Municipality and County Name
  • Name of ancestor(s): including spouse if married
  • Relationship to Lodge member
  • Birth: date(s) and birthplace(s): Parents and other residences
  • Map of County: highlighting Municipality (Wikipedia)
  • Norway Marriage and children: names, dates and location: (if relevant)
  • Occupation(s): in Norway
  • Emigration: Ports and dates of departure and of arrival - names of ships:
  • Included names of children or other family members who emigrated with them
  • Destination in America: include other residences
  • America Marriage and children: names, dates and location: (if relevant)
  • Occupation(s): within America:
  • Death & burial Dates and location
  • Additional Notes: - anecdotes, any interesting information or clarification (maximum word count 250 words)

Notes on ancestor profile:

  • This profile format is structured to capture the information from members with a lot of information. Many of you probably can’t fill out each category. Just include the information you have. Both are acceptable and needed.
  • Please try to keep Part 1 to two pages or less. Just provide the information you have. You don’t need to fill in every category of the profile.
  • Please provide as complete a description as possible of places (e.g., farm/town, parish, municipality, and county).
  • The profile should be filled out in prose (it looks nicer)

Part 2: Optional

  • A longer story about your ancestor or ancestor's family.
  • These will be included as an appendix and can be several pages long.