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November 2018 Lodge Meeting

November  Lodge Meeting: The Vinland Sagas: A Re-telling
Saturday, Nov. 17 Potluck at 5 PM followed by presentation at Norway House

Gather ’round as Owen and Elspeth Christianson re-tell the Vinland Sagas as they were meant to be — spoken tales of intrigue and drama. Learn how murder and a set of bedposts led to the settlement of one land and the discovery of an-other, and how earthly love led to the first church in the New World. Great people or bold people, the Saga adventurers were just like us, very human and very Scandinavian.

Non-members are welcome. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.Activities for children can be planned for the presentation portions of our monthly meetings. Email prior to the meeting if you plan to bring children, to ensure we have enough materials prepared.

Email for more info.

The Christiansons are our resident experts on medieval Norse history and culture.