Volunteer Hours

2019 Washington Lodge Individual Activity Tracking Sheet

Instructions for Recording Member Volunteer Hours - 2018

Sons of Norway collect the number of events, hours and funds that lodges and districts devote to membership and community activities. This information is required by the American Fraternal Alliance (AFA). The AFA uses our data to lobby on the behalf of fraternal benefit societies.

Two Google Forms are available. You can submit Individual hours and Group Event hours electronically, rather than sending paper to the Lodge Secretary. If the member does not have internet access, they should call either Jeff Jorgenson or Burt Koske to enter your hours. I believe these forms will make it much easier for members to record their hours. And it will be easier for the Lodge Secretary to sort and input the results on the Lodge Achievement Form.

All Group Events and Individual Activities should include round trip travel time hours if travel is involved. If individual travel time is not available for group events, the average travel time I've used is about 1.5 round trip hours.

Activities are either “Membership” or “Community” Activities. Nearly all are “Membership” Activities. The list of “Community” Activities is listed at the end of these Instructions.

When inputting information on the Google Forms:

  • Volunteer hours are only for Sons of Norway activities.
  • Precision is not important when recording hours — be generous.
  • Member’s hours do not have to be recorded in the month they occurred. They can be submitted at any time during the year. However, it is preferable if entries are made promptly.

Individual Hours Form / Individual Activity Tracking Sheet

To be used by lodge members to track their individual Sons of Norway volunteer hours, with the exception of group events (see Group Event Hours Form).
  • Include Individual Member hours for Preparation and Planning for Group Events.
  • If performing similar activities (e.g., Officer Duties) during a month, you can combine the activities into a single entry for the month.
  • Members should use the Individual Hours Form (see link above).
  • Members submit their hours on the Individual Tracking Forms (monthly if possible)
  • Board Members should use “Officer Duties” for most activities, unless it is not part of your assigned duties.
  • At the end of the year, the Secretary records the Individual hours on the annual Lodge Achievement Form.

Group Event Hours Form (3 or more Members).

To be used for group events (3 or more members). Do not enter individual activities on the Group Event Form. Activities during the Group Event are included in a single entry.
  • The Event leader or Secretary should make the entry for Group events.
    • Major Group meeting entries should be made by the Secretary: including Lodge meetings, Board meetings, and Festival/Bazaar
    • Entries for Other Group Events should be made by the Group Leader including: Reading Circle, GIG, Syttende Mai Picnic, Fairfax Fall Festival, and Other Committee meetings, etc.
  • Group Events include total participants (Members & Non-Members). Total number of volunteers are recorded, but only Member’s hours are recorded.
    • Festival/Bazaar:
      • This is a group activity (Group Event Form), it involves multiple days and many members. The Lodge sets up a separate Google form for volunteers to determine the times and hours that they plan to work.
      • Estimated Hours include: Selling, loading & hauling, café with food service, set-up, check out, take-down, clean-up and travel time.
    • Lodge Meetings:
      • Include preparation hours for homemade potluck items.
      • Store bought items do not count.
      • Include member hours for set-up, clean-up and food preparation
      • Members who just attend a Lodge meeting will not be recorded unless they participate in the Business meeting.
    • New member Brunch
      • New Members, Lodge Officers/Directors/committee chairs who contribute.
    • Language class:
      • Since members have to pay a fee. Volunteer hours for the Language class are not counted. However, the number of Language Class Events (1 events per month) during the year is recorded only on the Lodge Achievement Form.
      • Setup & cleanup hours before and after the classes should be recorded on the Individual Tracking form.
    • Generally: Include Hours for Members who actively contribute to Group events.

Community Service Hours

  • Fairfax Fall Festival (or other similar community group activity e.g. Lutefisk Dinner)
    • Planning & Arrangement (hours on Individual Form)
    • Booth members (number of volunteers and member’s working hours on Group Event Form)
  • Adopt-a-school
    • If 3 or more members are involved in a School Program — use the Group Event Form.
    • Hours on Individual Form should only include Adopt-a-school hours
  • Tubfrim (hours on Individual Form)
    • If 3 or more members are involved in a Tubfrim working meeting — use the Group Event Form.
    • Hours on Individual Form should only include Tubfrim hours