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Learn About Norway

Norway Official Sites

  • - The country's official site in the United States, including embassy and consulate information.
  • - The official gateway to culture in Norway, iinitiated and financed by the Ministry of Culture and Church affairs. Includes a database containing digital resources to Norwegian culture, a digital map with cultural information, a guide to cultural institutions and artists
  • Kongehuset - The official site of the Norwegian Monarchy
  • National Library of Norway - Collections of books, manuscripts, newspapers, music, film, photographs, etc. They have embarked on the process of digitizing all of their collection. Much interesting material is available online.
  • - Portal for public information and public services in Norway.
  • Stortinget - Norwegian Parliament



History & Culture

Norwegian Bunad - Provides information, photos and general knowledge of Norwegian bunad, festdrakts and folkdrakt.

The Promise of America: Norwegian Emigration to American and Norwegian-American History 1825-2000 - Resources about Norwegian emigration to America and Norwegian-American culture and history. Includes a selection of books, book excerpts, entire articles, America letters, photographs and prints, film clips and excerpts from radio and television broadcasts.