Officers/Contact Info

Below are lodge leaders for 2019.

Lodge officers are elected every year in at the November meeting. All offices are for one year beginning January 1st, except trustee, which is for three years. Any member may run.

Are you interested in serving the lodge as a board member or committee member? Please contact President Dave Brown (info below) if you are interested in serving on the board or a committee in 2020. 

Position Name Email
Dave Brown
Vice President
Shelley Mitchell
Secretary    Joel
Greg Ovrebo
Trustees (3-year terms)
Kari Sprecher (through 2019)
Andy Parks (through 2020)
Betty Reed (through 2021)
Building Manager Henry Hansen
Counselor Doris Goodlett      
Cultural SkillsKatja Jacobsen
Financial Secretary
Henry Hansen
Foundation Director Kari Sprecher
Greeters Marguerite Kause
Pat DeRoche
Doris Goodlett

Historian Joel Myklebust
Hospitality Director Susie Fosaaen
LibrarianCarolyn Smith
Shelley Mitchell
Burt Koske
Musician Marguerite Kause  
Newsletter Editor/Database Manager
Marie Hansen
PhotographerJohn Olsen
Programs & Cultural Director Bill DeRoche
Publicity Director vacant

Sports & Recreation Director Greg Ovrebo
Webmaster Bill DeRoche
Youth Director  Elspeth Christianson
Audit Committee Chair
Care Committee Chair Kari Sprecher
Festival Committee Chair
Denise Bowden
Shelley Mitchell
Investment Committee ChairBill DeRoche
Interest Groups
Genealogy Interest Group
Joel Myklebust
Language Interest Group
Nina Smith
Reading Interest Group
Christine Meloni