Norwegian Folk Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Exhibition (October 2009)

Our October meeting featured the annual Norwegian Folk Arts, Crafts and Hobbies exhibition, always an
entertaining and interesting event. Members exhibited and described their handcrafted Norwegian items, and talked about how they became interested and received training, and what satisfaction they derive from their folk art, craft, or hobby.

Thank you to all the participants: Tina Keune, Pat DeRoche, Karen Doty, Christine Meloni, Marie Hansen, Frank Jones, Burt Koske, Marit Grachow, Bing Sisson, Emilie Pade, Carolyn Figueiredo, Judy Kee and grandchildren Jason and Caroline Pade.

Bing exhibited his needlecraft including this bell pull with nine birds and tree branches. Also: four seasons bell pull, a 19 x 29 inch copy of a very old tapestry fragment and a runner in progress. 

Scandinavia-themed dolls presented by Judy and family. 

Frank and Burt talked about their respective genealogical research.