Film: Norwegian chef Andreas Viestad (November 2011)

Lodge Meeting: Friday, November 18, 2011

Our lodge met in our own lovely Norway House for our November meeting.  We enjoyed viewing two Andreas Viestad segments from the PBS series “New Scandinavian Cooking”.

The film was of a real Norwegian Christmas in Rørøs, with pork roast cooked by fun chef, Andreas Viestad.

Note that Viestad’s cookbook, "Kitchen of Light," is in our lodge library in English, and available for any member to check out.

Following the program, we held a business meeting with annual officers' elections.

About Andreas Viestad

He was born in Oslo, 1973, and became a food columnist for several Norwegian newspapers, plus the Washington Post.  He holds a cand. mag. degree from Oslo University with studies in history, political science and media science.  He always points out that he is not a trained chef, just a cook, for he never went through the formal training required for chefs.   Since 1999, he has been involved in the "molecular gastronomy" movement, working especially with French food scientist Hervé  at the College de France in Paris.  In 2003,  Andreas was one of the hosts of "New Scandinavian Cooking," which drew 5 million U.S. viewers per episode (and still is shown on PBS stations—our showing Nov. 18 is from this series), 2nd highest ratings for a Norwegian event, 2nd only to the Lillehammer Olympics of 1994. 
The past few years he has been a farmer, having purchased a small farm near his birthplace in southern Norway, and is co-owner of a farm in Elgin, South Africa, where 100 varieties of tomatoes are grown, 50 different citruses, 40 kinds of peaches, nectarines and apricots.  He also owns a home in Oslo.  Find more on Andreas Viestad online at with photos.