SON Authors

SON Holiday Festival & Bazaar 2011:  Two member authors will attend the bazaar and be available to sign books.   Inquire at the BOOKS table.

Stateless in Shanghai
Nonfiction:  History/Memoir by SON Washington Lodge #428 Member Liliane Willens

Born in Shanghai to Russian parents who fled the Bolshevik Revolution, Liliane Willens is a “stateless” girl in the world’s most cosmopolitan city. But when the Far East explodes in conflict during World War II, her family’s uncertain status puts them at risk of being stranded, or worse. Stateless in Shanghai recounts Willens’ life during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, the civil war between the Nationalists and the communists and the subsequent  establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

Fiction: Mystery/Romance by SON Washington Lodge #428 Member Carla Danziger

HIDDEN FALLS is set in Norway—in the west coast town of Bergen and in the Sognefjord region.
W hen Elsa Jenssen, a Norwegian journalist, is found dead at the bottom of Hidden Falls deep in Norway’s Sognefjord region and the authorities rule it accidental, her American cousin Kris Kelly begins a search to prove them wrong. Elsa's opinionated columns in a Bergen newspaper, her private ghosts from the Nazi occupation of Norway in her youth, and her post-war years in England, lead Kris on a rocky trail of discovery, danger and romance and into the throes of a clandestine plot and soul-searching questions about justice.