October Lodge Meeting: Fire and Ice

Friday, Oct 30, at 7 p.m.
Norway House, Fairfax, VA (directions)

Pot luck dinner before the presentation. Please bring dishes by 6:45.

Fire and Ice book cover

Speaker: Vince Hunt, British author discusses his book Fire and Ice: The Nazi’s Scorched Earth Campaign in Norway.  

Join us for the author’s meticulously researched presentation on this tragic policy and it’s aftermath. Non-members are welcome.

Synopsis of the book: When Hitler ordered the north of Nazi-occupied Norway to be destroyed in a scorched earth retreat in 1944, everything of potential use to the Soviet enemy was destroyed. Harbors, bridges and towns were dynamited and every building torched. Fifty thousand people were forcibly evacuated – thousands more fled to hide in caves in sub-zero temperatures. 

Far above the Arctic Circle, the author crossed northern Norway to gather scorched earth stories: of refugees starving on remote islands, fathers shot dead just days before the war ended, grandparents driven mad by relentless bombing, towns burned to the ground. He explores what remains of the Lyngen Line mountain bunkers northeast of Tromsø, where the Allies feared a last stand by fanatical Nazis – and where starved Soviet prisoners of war too weak to work were dumped in death camps. 

With extracts from the Nuremberg trials of the generals who devastated northern Norway and modern reflections on the mental scars that have passed down generations, this is a journey into the heart of a brutal conflict set in a landscape of intense natural beauty.

Trick-or-treat! Special Halloween activities are planned for kids. If you plan to bring children please email Youth Director Annemarie McCaslin at youth@norwaydc.org with their ages. They can wear costumes to the meeting if they would like.