How the Vikings Influenced British History

Harald III of Norway
Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.
Norway House - directions

Dr. Jennifer Paxton, Professor of Medieval History at Catholic University, will speak about the Viking influence on British events and institutions such as the Norman Invasion and the Magna Carta. Our ancestors did more than raid monasteries on the British Isles!

Dr. Paxton holds a doctorate in history from Harvard University. Before joining Catholic Univ., she was on the faculty at Georgetown University. She has given presentations at the Foreign Service Institute, the Smithsonian Institution, the Shakespeare Theater, and the Great Courses Learning Company.

This is not a pot luck dinner. A simple ice cream social follows the presentation. Members receiving pins at the meeting are listed on p. 4. If you plan to bring children please email Annmarie McCaslin at so age-appropriate activities can be arranged. All are welcome. Contact

Image: Harald Hardrada, brother to St. Olaf of Norway and a claimant to the English throne in 1066.