Viking Longship Lecture: Things We Think We Know

A longship on moonlit water.

Friday, September 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
At Christ Lutheran Church,
 3810 Meredith Drive Fairfax, VA (directions)

A number of things we take for granted about Viking Age ships and boats may, or may not be true.  Beyond the common “truisms” that Vikings did not have horns on their helms (maybe), Bruce Blackistone will discuss such topics as sail shape, raising and lowering the mast, “rowing chests,” and a number of other things we tend to accept as conventional wisdom in our current understanding of the Viking era.

About Bruce Edward Blackistone

Bruce Edward Blackistone describes himself as "a retired National Park Service employee, part-time blacksmith, and seasonal Viking ship captain."  He has been involved in early medieval reenactment since 1969, and has skippered various replica longships (of varying degrees of historic accuracy) since 1972.  Bruce blames it all on his mother, who sent him to the Kirk Douglas movie, The Vikings, in 1958 because she thought it would be “educational.” He is also the author of the epic parody Beowabbit, and thus is a footnote in modern Anglo-Saxon literary circles.