Lundehunds (April 2012)


Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.
Christ Lutheran Church, Fairfax

Karon and Mike Plasha brought their Lundehunds and presented a multi-media program about Lundehunds.

Following the program, a delicious spaghetti dinner was served.

About the Program

It's been an exciting year for the Norwegian Lundehund, with a lot going on in the AKC world. Along with all the smaller dog shows around the country, our four legged friends have now shown in both the Eukanuba dog show in Orlando in December 2011, as well, as the Westminster dog show in February 2012. There were also several promo spots on national news programs during the week of the Westminster dog show.

For those unfamiliar with the Norwegian Lundehund, they are considered the oldest and rarest breed of dog in the world. Archeological evidence suggests they survived the last ice age and accompanied the Vikings on their journeys. Their six toes on each foot are just one of many specialized characteristics this breed developed to survive the harsh weather and terrain of Norway. I along with a few other Lundehund owners will be demonstrating all their specialized characteristics and explore why each of those traits helped in their survival.

- Karon and Lundehund friends