Nordic Band Weaving Workshop

Saturday, August 13, 2016
9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Norway House, Fairfax, VA

A hearty group of aspiring Nordic weavers plus our instructor, Linda Hurt, along with her assistant, Renee Greist, assembled at Norway House on August 13. The group started with a light breakfast (we Norwegians must have sustenance and coffee...) before learning the fundamentals of Nordic weaving.

Linda and her assistant were amazing instructors – Linda said her students far exceeded her minimum expectations. All ten students were on different looms (not great for instructors), however everyone was able to set up looms and good even warps.

Linda told us “My minimum expectation was that every- one would get a plain woven band of about 8” long with irregular selvages (edges). EVERYONE exceeded that. Most did some of the fancy pickup patterns, and at least two got to the complex one. Those who were happy with the plain weaving, without a pickup pattern, had a very even beat and nice crisp selvages, which gave them a professional look.”

Everyone had a great time and a few students plan to sign up for additional classes Linda teaches at the Alexandria Art League.


Program Description

Here is your chance to learn Nordic weaving at the novice level from a master of the art. Linda Hurt will lead a workshop in entry-level Nordic band weaving at Norway House on Saturday, August 13, 9 AM to 2 PM. Linda will provide looms, yarns, printed instructions, and resources for continuing beyond the class. All you need to bring are small scissors, paper and pen for taking notes, and a coffee-can sized container to keep yarns tamed. All this plus lunch provided by the Lodge for only $15.

We’ll use inkle looms, which are inexpensive and easy to get if you want to continue weaving. They can be used to weave bands of up to four inches. Ours will be about one-half inch. 

Linda is a gifted and popular teacher of weaving arts at the Alexandria Art League. She has won several prestigious awards in fiber arts. Last month she won first prize in Nordic weaving at the Sons of Norway Third District Convention (see page 5). Class size is limited to 10. RSVPs are required.

RSVP / questions to Denise Bowden at

Photos from the Workshop