September 2014 Lunch-n-Learn: Riskrem Pudding

The September “Lunch-n-Learn” session featuring Riskrem Pudding was held on Sat., September 27 at Ardis Morton’s home in Vienna.  Ardis’s riskrem pudding is legendary at our Lodge meetings as well as a featured food item at the Festival Café last year (it sold out), so after repeated requests for her recipe…she agreed to host members in her home for a tutorial on making her special recipe.

The biggest lesson we learned…cooking riskrem pudding cannot be rushed…it takes over an hour of frequent stirring to ensure the rice does not stick.  Ardis pulled a “Rachel Ray” on her students and pulled out a bowl of the cooled rice mixture she had pre-made in order for us to finish the recipe to have as a special finale to our lunch we enjoyed (after the rice was sufficiently stirred and set aside to cool, of course).