Film Presentation on the Sami People (February 2011)

Sami children
Note: the films viewed are part of our lodge library collection which is available to all members for home viewing.

About the Film

This Sami film is the Globe Trekker DVD on Norway with that crazy and fun British guy with the heavy accent, Ian Wright.

Ian begins his Nordic journey high on a cliff in Stavanger, where he witnesses the extreme sport of Base Jumping. He journeys from Stavanger to Bergen by ferry, which takes him along just 150 or Norway’s 21,000 miles of coastline.

The next stage of the journey is from Bergen to Voss by train. He arrives in Voss and camps out at the edge of a clear lake.

Ian travels onward to Stryn, one of Norway’s three summer ski resorts. The journey takes two days by coach and he has the opportunity to see Norway’s mountainscapes at their best, as well as take a short trip in a replica Viking boat. Ian has a go at telemark skiing that combines downhill and cross-country stiles, followed by a relaxing sauna.

Three hundred miles further north by bus to Trondheim, Ian rents a bike and takes a tour of the town,

He then travels by train and plane to Lapland, the land of the Midnight Sun. Lapland is also known as Samiland and it covers parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. He thumbs a lift from a Sami reindeer farmer and soon finds himself erecting a Norwegian labu or tent. Dinner that night is dried reindeer meat, a staple of the Sami diet. Before leaving Lapland, Ian is invited to a colorful Sami wedding and enjoys a lavish feast!

Next is a helicopter flight to Spitzbergen, the northern most point of Norway. With a greater population if polar bears than humans, this island is the closest stretch of land to the North Pole.

Clip from Beginning of DVD