One of my Saddest Sunday

posted Aug 4, 2011, 11:49 AM by Bill DeRoche   [ updated Aug 15, 2011, 12:18 PM by Clarissa Peterson ]
As a father of three young boys what happened in the forests of Norway touched me deep and I wept for the young souls who were cut short by senseless killing. The future hope of a nation was targeted by a man who has a twisted political motive, the liberal immigration and Islam. Refugees who came to Norway has become the main reason for this coward to kill young people of Norway, Are these young people the policy makers of Norway ? If the man has any reason he chose a wrong target and that sickens me.

Here in USA in 1980s we had similar incident in Oklahoma. There are similarities between the two incidents. Both killers are motivated by right wing racist view of "white supremacy". Al Qaeda is killing in the name of Islam and the Norwegian killer kills in the name of White race. On this ten year anniversary of 9/11 I will add the ninety souls of Norway who were cut short for just doing what they love, work and organize to make a difference for our planet.

This is one of my saddest Sunday in a very long time. I rather see we the parents go than see our children cut short, the one we supposed to protect, Why ??? My condolence to the parents, brothers, sisters and friends who lost loved ones.


Tedla Asfaw

New York City