Viking Voyage (October 2012)

Viking boat at sail
For those who missed it, we had a fine time crewing the Longship Company’s Viking ship Sae Hrafn (Sea Raven) in the lower Potomac on October 20th. It was sunny and temperate — a perfect day to be on the water.

After a short lesson on rowing technique and terminology, the captain divided the crew into three watches of 5 to 6 people each.  The plan was for two watches to row while one rested, with 20 minute rotations. Progress was slower than expected however, due to a strong incoming tide. Despite encouraging sea shanties, after an hour or rowing our benevolent captain decided to use the Company’s powerboat to push Sae Hrafn the rest of the way to St. Clements Island, our final destination. We spent about 45 minutes exploring the small island, which is a Maryland State Park with a very interesting colonial history dating back to 1664.

After casting off from the island we hoisted the sail, hoping to return under wind power alone. However the gods were not with us and after about a half-hour the motor boat once again came to the rescue.  Since docking is a critical and exacting maneuver, we proceeded the last quarter mile under oar power.

The five hours on the water went by very quickly, much to the surprise of some. A great time was had by all and plans are under way for another voyage next year.

Sons of Norway members or affiliates who joined the crew were Burt Koske, Rebecca and Phillip Thompson, George Edwards, Marie and Henry Hansen, Sara, Alyson and Cates Jacobson, Christine Walby, and Marty Kelly. 

Members pose for a photo on the dock.