Reading Circle


WHEN? From 7:30 to 9:00 pm (see dates below)

WHERE? Location varies: Usually at Norway House (3846 Meredith Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030) but occasionally at a member’s home

WHO? Anyone who is interested is welcome

WHAT? Books by Norwegian or Norwegian-American authors 

It is important to RSVP Christine Meloni if you plan to attend as the meeting place varies or inclement weather may cause cancellation or postponement. For more information and updates, contact Christine at or visit our website at  

                                            Schedule for 2020

Tuesday, February 18 – The Ice: An Eco-Thriller Set in Svalbard’s Near Future by Laline Paull  
Saturday April 25 – Searching for Nora: After the Doll’s House by Wendy Swallow  (Note Date has changed)
Tuesday, June 16– The Whisperer  by Karin Fossum
Tuesday, August 18 – So Much Longing in So Little Space: The Art of Edvard Munch by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Tuesday, October 20 – Clearing Out by Helene Uri
Tuesday, December 15 – No Horizon Is So Far by Liv Arnesen

Tuesday, February 18 – The Ice: An Eco-Thriller set in Svalbard’s near future

The Ice is set a few years in the future. Global warming has accelerated. Sean Cawson, a none too scrupulous business man, has joined forces with his longtime friend and noted environmentalist, Tom Harding, to buy an old whaling station on Midgard Glacier near Svalbard. The idea is to make it into a retreat for the rich and famous. Tom is suddenly lost in a tragic accident in an ice cave. The cave collapsed as the ice cracked but had Sean done all he could to save Tom?

Saturday,  April 25 – Searching for Nora

At the end of Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House, Nora Helmer walks away from her family and comfortable life in 1879. She sets off on a journey that eventually strands her on the harsh Minnesota prairie. With this work of historical fiction, Swallow answers the question: Whatever happened to Nora Helmer? 

Wendy Swallow will attend the book club meeting.

Tuesday, June 16 – The Whisperer  by Karin Fossum

How did a lonely, quiet woman come to kill a man—or did she? Ragna Riegel is a soft-spoken woman of routines. One day she finds a letter in her mailbox with her name on the envelope and a clear threat written on the sheet inside. Ragna’s carefully constructed life begins to unravel into a nightmare. Her distress does culminate in a death, but she is the perpetrator rather than the victim.

Tuesday, August 18 -   So Much Longing in So Little Space by Karl Ove Knausgaard

 Knausgaard sets out to understand the enduring and awesome power of Edvard Munch’s work by training his gaze on the landscapes that inspired unch  and speaking firsthand with contemporary artists for whom Munch’s legacy looms large. Bringing together art history, biography, and memoir,  Knausgaard tells a passionate and pensive story about one of history’s most significant painters and the meaning of choosing the artist’s life, as he himself has done.

Tuesday, October 20 – Clearing Out by Helene Uri

In a masterful blend of fiction and autobiography, the main character is a novelist who travels to Finnmark in the far north to study the dying languages of the  Sami families there. She meets a culture little known in her own world; she discovers history richer and more alluring than rumor and a connection charged with mystery and promise.

Tuesday December 15 – No Horizon Is So Far by Liv Arnesen

No Horizon Is So Far is the fascinating chronicle of Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft’s dramatic journey as they are the first two women to cross Antarctica. It follows the explorers from the planning of their expedition through their brutal trek from the Norwegian sector all the way to McMurdo Station as they walked, skied, and ice-sailed for almost three months in temperatures reaching as low as -35°F, all while towing their 250-pound supply sledges across 1,700 miles of ice full of dangerous crevasses. 

Cultural Skills Program

Many of the members of the Reading Circle are working for their pins in Norwegian Literature. You can work on the Cultural Skills Program even if you cannot attend the discussions. Contact Christine Meloni for more information at