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2015 Book Selections

2015 Schedule & Book Selections 

Tuesday, February 17

Only the Dead by Vidar Sundstøl

The second in the Minnesota Trilogy, this slim volume is so exquisitely written, lyrically descriptive and mystically mysterious it could stand on its own, but to understand all the nuances it’s best read as part of the trilogy." – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Tuesday, April 28 (choose one)

The Far Traveler by Nancy Marie Brown 

In The Far Traveler, Nancy Marie Brown tries to solve the mystery of a beautiful woman named Gudrid who appears in two Icelandic sagas and crossed the North Atlantic, from Iceland and Greenland to Newfoundland and Norway, eight times. Who was this intrepid woman, and why did she roam off the edge of the known world? – New York Times 

The Sea Road by Margaret Elphinstone 

A haunting and compelling historical novel, The Sea Road is an ambitious re-telling of the Viking exploration of the North Atlantic from the viewpoint of one extraordinary woman. – Review by Simon Hall, The Herald 

Tuesday, June 16

The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley

Set in medieval Greenland, this novel recounts the history of a community plagued with rivalries and feuds, famines and battles with Eskimos. – alibris

Tuesday, August 18

Blazing World by Siri Hustvedt 

A brilliant, provocative novel about an artist, Harriet Burden, who after years of being ignored by the art world, conducts an experiment: she conceals her female identity behind three male fronts.” – The Sunday Times ReviewUK

Tuesday, October 20

Burned by Thomas Enger

This is the debut novel of one of the most interesting new Norwegian crime writers. 


The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder 

Jostein Gaarder took the theme of Alice in Wonderland to create an entirely new and modern story based around the cards - you'll never look at a playing-card in the same way again. Buy this for your entire family, even for your children or grandchildren. –