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Past Meetings

Lynn Juhl, Marie Hansen, Karen Doty and Christine Meloni discussed Out Stealing Horses at the inaugural meeting of the Reading Circle, held in the Lodge Library at the Cultural Center in 2009.

January 2009: Mystery Author Joins Reading Circle

It was truly special. The Reading Circle met in the Cultural Center on January 19 to discuss the mystery Hidden Falls, written by the lodge’s own Carla Danziger. What a wonderful evening it was! We had a fascinating book to discuss and Carla was able to join us.  

The protagonist of the book is an American of Norwegian descent who goes to Norway to visit a cousin. Her cousin is killed shortly thereafter, and the intense hunt for the killer begins. Carla explained how she came up with the idea for the plot, developed the characters, and carried out her research in Norway. A lively discussion of the book followed. Having the book’s author present was a real treat for the Circle members. 

The group’s next meeting will be March 15th.  The topic of discussion will be Rolvaag’s epic novel about Norwegian immigrants, Giants in the Earth. 


Author Carla Danziger (left) and Reading
Circle Facilitator Christine Meloni