Norwegian Items for Sale

We have many items left over from the Norwegian Festival & Bazaar, and they are available for sale throughout the year.

You can browse the shelves on the lower level of Norway House at any regular lodge meeting held at the Norway House. If you want to purchase bazaar items but can’t make it to a meeting, you can contact the bazaar coordinators at to find out what items are available and coordinate meeting them at the Norway House at an- other time.

We have many wonderful gift items that can be given throughout the year such as for birthdays and anniversaries, and for most any age range. This includes T -shirts of all size ranges from children's to adult 5X, wonderful sweat- ers of all size ranges from chil- dren's size 1 to adult 2X, and of course the wonderful food preparation items such as lefse making griddles and turning spatulas, almond cake pans, Aebleskever pans, as well as mugs and books... many things to choose from for most any gift giving needs.


Children's Books

Books & CDs

What is Christmas without good Norweian food!

Sweaters & Other Clothing




Baked Goods