Sports & Fitness

Contact lodge sports director Greg Ovrebo at to get more information on lodge sports and fitness activities.

Cultural Skills Medal Program

Sons of Norway’s Sports & Fitness Medal Program brings a bit of Norwegian tradition to its members by encouraging everyone to participate in activities that will improve their health and well-bein g in ways that suit each individual.

The Sons of Norway Sports Medal Brochure outlines options for earning medals in Walking, Skiing, Biking and as a Generalist. Email our Sports Director, she will provide you with the following forms via email. Recordkeeping is simplified by using the following Sons of Norway forms:
  • Gangmerke (Walking) Record
  • Skimerke (Skiing) Record
  • Sykkelmerke (Biking) Record
  • Idrettsmerke (Sports and (Fitness) Record

Hiking at Bluebell Path

It was a perfectly lovely day for our hike along the Bluebell Path in Bull Run. Chris, Debbie, and Marilyn encountered some not so ferocious wild things that we, sadly, did not record on camera. (There was a group of fantasy players dressed up and searching for "loot")

This walk is a good one for people who do not get out much and who may not have a whole day for a hike. It's a flat and easy path. We walked for almost an hour and did a loop. Next time we will head down Bull Run and turn around when we felt we've had enough.

Marilyn Holbeck, Christine Meloni, and Debbie Fosaaen went hiking at Bull Run Park.

Marilyn Holbeck