The Sons of Norway members in the nation's capital, representing a diversity of background and nationality, share an interest in all things Norwegian and Scandinavian. We trust that all ages will find something of interest -- in our web site and in our lodge. We have around 300 members. Most are from the local area of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, but we also have members from another 16 states as well as Norway, Canada, and Great Britain (many of whom have a connection to the area).   Learn more about us or Join Sons of Norway.  For information on membership, contact Shelley Mitchell (703-815-4367) or .  For other information, contact Dave Brown .

 Lodge Meetings & Events

June 19, ‘Norwegian ‘Mayflower’: The Voyage of the Restauration,  Dale Goodman, Member of  Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum Board and a direct descendent Restauration passengers.  

In the period beginning in 1825 and for about 100 years following, nearly 40% of the population of Norway – more than 800,000 Norwegians - immigrated to the United States. Most of those immigrants came for “economic opportunity,” but the first immigrants – known as the Sloopers of 1825 – came for religious freedom. The voyage was three years in the planning by an alliance of Quakers and Haugean Lutherans. Beginning on July 4th, 1825, a 54-foot sloop named Restaurasjonen (The Restauration) took 52 passengers on a 98-day journey from Stavanger, Norway to New York City. This presentation follows the story from its roots (in the Napoleonic Wars), through the voyage itself, the reception in New York City, and finally to the first Norwegian settlement in the United States in Kendall, New York. 

Vesterheim is the National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School, with over 33,000 artifacts, 12 historic buildings, and a library and archives. This treasure showcases the most extensive collection of Norwegian-American artifacts in the world. Vesterheim’s exhibitions explore the diversity of American immigration through the lens of the Norwegian-American experience and highlight the best in historic and contemporary Norwegian folk and fine arts. USA Today named Vesterheim one of “ten great places in the nation to admire American folk art.” 

The meeting will start at 7 PM.  Zoom information will be provided before the meeting date.

Norwegian History Roundtable (NHR) 

Books about Norwegian History 

Read a good book about Norwegian History?  Written a good book about Norwegian History? Want to find a good book on Norwegian History.  We have a meeting for you.  On the June 27th the Norwegian History Roundtable (NHR) we will have a special book discussion.  You are welcome to give a short presentation (one to five minutes) on any book related to Norwegian History you want to talk about.  You are also very welcome to attend and not participate. The meeting will be on Sunday June 27 at 3 PM.  The time has been selected to facilitate participation from both the West Coast and Norway. 

Zoom information will be provided before the meeting date.  

Do you want to connect with your inner Viking? Do you want to understand the conditions that prompted your ancestors to uproot their lives and go to America? Do you want to appreciate the men and woman who created Norwegian culture? Do you want to experience the trials and triumphs of Norway in WWII? In short – are you interested in Norwegian history? I would like to set up a Norwegian History Round Table. It will offer speakers, debates, field trips, demonstrations of historic crafts, and round table discussions. The round table will be an extended show and tell. You can share a book or magazine, show a historic artifact, alert us to an upcoming event, ask a question, read from an article that you are writing, or suggest some other activities or projects related to our history. The Round Table will be for everyone, from the complete novice to the international authority.   Bill DeRoche

Genealogy Interest Group (GIG)
Medical Mysteries of our Ancestors.

For the June 25 meeting we are making a special request. Dr. Katja Jacobsen, an epidemiologist with George Mason University and director of our lodge’s Cultural Skills program, has agreed to undertake a project to help sort out medical mysteries of our ancestors. She would like people to send questions and data related to situations like these:
  • Why did 5 children all die within weeks of each other in 1742?

  • A lot of people in my family have ___ (fill in the blank). Is that a common disease / condi[1]tion in Norway? Is it more common among Norwegians than other groups?

  • What does it mean that my great[1]grandpa died of consumption? (or fill in any disease or old-fashioned term that needs to be translated not only from Norwegian to English but also to modern science).

  • Why did only 2 of great-grandma's babies survive to adulthood? All of her grandchildren appear to have survived to old age.

  • Did a lot of people die of heart attacks in the 1###s? Or is that a modern thing?

Please send your stories, questions, and data to Katja at

Zoom information will be sent about a week before the meeting. If you are not on the GIG mailing list and wish to attend, please email genealogy mailing list and wish to attend, please email

The Reading Circle
Reading Circle Selection for June 22 at 7:30 PM

The Master Builder by Ibsen with Laurie Jaghlit as facilitator

First performed in 1892, this psychological drama is one of the great Norwegian playwright's most symbolic and lyrical works. The drama explores the insecurities of an aging architect, Halvard Solness, who suspects that his creative powers have diminished with age. Solness finds strength of purpose in his involvement with Hilda — his muse, inspiration, and ardent believer in his greatness — but their association leads to a conflict between heroic myth and complicated reality.(Goodreads) If you plan to attend, please contact Christine Meloni by midnight on June 20st at and she will send you the link. We will be using The Master Builder and Other Plays, translated by Barbara Haveland and Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife, in the new Penguin Classics series.

Norwegian Language & Conversation

The lodge’s language classes are suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.  When it is safe to meet again, Wednesday evening classes will resume. However, intermediate and advanced language students are invited to join us in an informal Zoom conversation session.  Please contact Katja Jacobsen at for more information.

 You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

The Norwegian History Roundtable hosted a Discussion of the PBS series "Atlantic Crossing".  Norwegian Historian Thomas Hagen joins Jorgen  June Newsletter (PDF) posted 6/1/2021Flood and Janet Oakland to hep us understand this festinating series in terms of the complex background of World War II

Nina Brambani Smith gave a great talk on her family in World War II at the May Lodge Meeting. Janet Oakley helped us put Nina's story in the context of the Norwegian Resistance.  

Both talks and the following discussion are on our YouTube Channel.  

The Genealogy Interest Group Website has been updated Genealogy Interest Group 

The Norwegian History Roundtable Website  has been updated .   Norwegian History Roundtable

The Reading Circle has a new Website Reading Circle Website

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