The Sons of Norway members in the nation's capital, representing a diversity of background and nationality, share an interest in all things Norwegian and Scandinavian. We trust that all ages will find something of interest -- in our web site and in our lodge. We have around 300 members. Most are from the local area of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, but we also have members from another 16 states as well as Norway, Canada, and Great Britain (many of whom have a connection to the area).   Learn more about us or Join Sons of Norway.  For information on membership, contact Shelley Mitchell (703-815-4367) or .  For other information, contact Dave Brown .

The Norwegian History Roundtable Website  has just been updated to include the latest meeting. .   Norwegian History Roundtable

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 Lodge Meetings & Events

 Nordic Journeys:  Immigration in the Context 
of 12,000 Years of Nordic History 
Erik Pihl, National Nordic Museum’s Director of Development.
Saturday, April 17, 7PM, Zoom

May 15, World War II and My Family, NINA BRAMBANI SMITH  
June 19, ‘Norwegian ‘Mayflower’: The Voyage of the Restauration,  Dale Goodman, Member of  Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum Board and a direct descendent Restauration passengers.  

Norwegian History Roundtable (NHR) 

 “Norway and the Battle of the Atlantic  Part 2” 

This month’s meeting, on April 13 at 7 PM, will be a continuation of our popular March meeting, which focused on Norway’s role in the Battle of the Atlantic. We have assembled three outstanding speakers to help us understand the critical role played by Norway during the longest naval battle in history

 Phil Eskeland will discuss the creation of the Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission (Nortraship). Notraship organized the Norwegian merchant fleet under one umbrella to supply the Allies with critical materials during WWII. Phil will also discuss the establishment and role of Camp Norway in Nova Scotia to aid in the effort to liberate Norway, and will showcase various memorials and monuments in Norway, Canada, and the United States that recognize the immense sacrifice of those who served in the Norwegian Navy and merchant fleet during WWII. 

John Lunde will continue the maritime saga of his father, Captain Birger Lunde. This will include the professional aspects of the massive Norwegian fleet, Captain Birger’s early training as a cadet on the square rigger Statsraad Lemkuhl, and details of individual actions during the war. He will also discuss some of the surprising stories that emerged when his father helped with veterans’ applications for post-war assistance. For example, few at the time knew that women served as radio operators during the war. John will conclude by evaluating the cultural impact of the merchant marine on the Norwegian community. 

Historian Jorgen Flood will discuss the Norwegian merchant fleet after World War II. Before the war, Norway boasted the fourth largest merchant marine in the world. During the war, Norway suffered massive losses in both ships and personnel. Jorgen will discuss how Norway adjusted to the challenges of the post-war economy. Zoom information will be emailed prior to the meeting.

The meetings are at 7 PM and are on Zoom. If you are interested, please contact Bill DeRoche

We now have a dedicated website for the NHR.  NHR Website.  This will provide up to date information about the NHR.  As the organization grows, it will provide information and links relevant to Norwegian History.  You are welcome to contribute to the website. 

Do you want to connect with your inner Viking? Do you want to understand the conditions that prompted your ancestors to uproot their lives and go to America? Do you want to appreciate the men and woman who created Norwegian culture? Do you want to experience the trials and triumphs of Norway in WWII? In short – are you interested in Norwegian history? I would like to set up a Norwegian History Round Table. It will offer speakers, debates, field trips, demonstrations of historic crafts, and round table discussions. The round table will be an extended show and tell. You can share a book or magazine, show a historic artifact, alert us to an upcoming event, ask a question, read from an article that you are writing, or suggest some other activities or projects related to our history. The Round Table will be for everyone, from the complete novice to the international authority.   Bill DeRoche

If you are interested, please contact me at

Genealogy Interest Group (GIG)
Teaching and Learning about Norwegian Emigration

The Genealogy Interest Group (GIG) will meet by Zoom on April 24 at 3 PM EST for a presentation on “Teaching and Learning about Norwegian Emigration.” Our presenters will be: 
  • Jens Johan Hyvik, Professor of modern history, University of Southeast Norway at the campus in Bø, Telemark 
  • Kyle Ward, Director of Social Studies Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN. 
The presentation will focus on the migration of Norwegians and their settlement in the U.S. They will also discuss their experience coteaching a course on Norwegian migration with students from both of their universities. They coauthored the article "A Transatlantic Approach to Teaching and Learning about Norwegian Migration to the United States” in the 2020 volume of Norwegian-American Studies. Zoom information will be sent about a week before the meeting. If you are not on the GIG mailing list and wish to attend, please email genealogy@norwaydc

The genealogical interest group (GIG) helps members with  varying degrees of experience in genealogy and interest in the different aspects of this type of activity. This includes  getting started with genealogy and the cultural skills program; genetic genealogy; information sources in the US and Norway, as well as the range of on-line sources; the range of genealogy database software; approaches to writing family histories; and maintaining artifacts, like pictures and vital records. 
If you are not on the GIG mailing list and want to participate, please email genealogy@NorwayD Submitted by Joel Myklebust, GIG Co-Chair 

The Reading Circle
Reading Circle Selection for April  20 at 7:30 PM
The Quisling Factor by Janet Oakley

The April selection of the Reading Circle is The Quisling Factor by Janet Oakley, our friend and lodge member. It is the sequel to her wonderful book The Jøssing Affair. I am delighted that she has agreed to be the facilitator for our discussion. We will meet virtually at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 20th. Please RSVP to to receive the zoom link. Although The Quisling Factor can stand alone, you would probably enjoy it even more if you read The Jøssing Affair first, now available in three formats: paperback, e-book on Amazon (or order through your favorite bookstore) and currently as an audiobook at Chirp, Google Play, Apple Play, and Nook Audiobooks. Audible will be added soon. See my review of The Jøssing Affair in the Norwegian American newspaper at as well as my interview with Janet at

We will meet via zoom at 7:30 PM. If  you plan to attend, please contact Christine Meloni by midnight on April 19th at and she will send you the link. Janet Oakley will be the facilitator. Everyone is welcome to join us. The book is available both in paperback and on Kindle. Looking ahead, the other works to be discussed this year are The Master Builder by Ibsen (Laurie Jaghlit as facilitator), The Mercies by Kirin Millwood Hargrave, Child Wonder by Roy Jacobsen, and One of Us: The Story of a Massacre in Norway and Its Aftermath by Asne Seierstad (Laurie Jaghlit as facilitator). Submitted by Christine Foster Meloni, Reading Circle Facilitator

WWII Liberation Commemoration
Our lodge, along with the Norwegian Society and Church Service of Washington, DC and the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, hosted a virtual commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Norwegian liberation from WWII German occupation. We’d planned to hold this event earlier at Norway House, around May 8, when Liberation Day is celebrated in Norway. But of course we had to postpone.  Colonel Håvard Klevberg, Air Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché to the Royal Norwegian Embassy,  gave the give the main address. Members of our groups  shared stories and memories from members who were in Norway t the time — our living witnesses to history.  We have posted a video of this event on our  YouTube Channel..

Norwegian Language & Conversation

The lodge’s language classes are suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.  When it is safe to meet again, Wednesday evening classes will resume. However, intermediate and advanced language students are invited to join us in an informal Zoom conversation session.  Please contact Katja Jacobsen at for more information.

 You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

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