The Sons of Norway members in the nation's capital, representing a diversity of background and nationality, share an interest in all things Norwegian and Scandinavian. We trust that all ages will find something of interest -- in our web site and in our lodge. We have around 300 members. Most are from the local area of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, but we also have members from another 16 states as well as Norway, Canada, and Great Britain (many of whom have a connection to the area).

Our lodge has around 400 members from the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. We are one of hundreds Sons of Norway lodges throughout the United States, Canada and Norway.  Learn more about us or Join Sons of Norway.  For more information, please contact Susie Fosaaen, 703-861-4071 or

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Interested in Genealogy?

Many members of the Sons of Norway Washington DC Lodge have expressed interest in genealogy, and potentially the renewal of the genealogical interest group (GIG).  Members have varying degrees of experience in genealogy and are interested in different aspects of this type of activity.  Among the topics that may be of interest include getting started with genealogy and the cultural skills program; genetic genealogy; information sources in the US and Norway, as well as the range of on-line sources; the range of genealogy database software; approaches to writing family histories; and maintaining artifacts, like pictures and vital records..  One idea that has been suggested is a mentoring program to team more experienced members with individuals new to this activity.  The lodge will hold a meeting one hour before the September Lodge meeting to discuss the degree of interest in the GIG, potential topics and activities for the group, meeting frequency and format, and so forth

If you are interested but unable to attend contact Joel Myklebust

The meeting will be at Norway House, Sunday September 21 at 4:00 PM.

Upcoming Lodge Meetings & Events 

Programs at Norway House typically start with a short business meeting, followed by a Pot Luck dinner and the featured presentation (check here for any scheduling changes).  For most meetings, the lodge provides a meat course and beverages; members and guests are asked to bring a side dish such as salads, appetizers, casseroles, breads, chips, vegetables, fruits, and desserts. If you are not a member, we would appreciate if you could contact us before the meeting to RSVP. This will help ensure that we have adequate provisions for everyone who attends. Contact Susie Fosaaen at 703-861-4071 or  .

September 21 (Saturday) 5 PM Wendy Swallow author of “Searching for Nora - after the doll’s house”  - Pot Luck Dinner

At the end of Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, Nora Helmer’s future is left unresolved.  In Ms. Swallow’s imaginative continuation of Nora’s story, she sets off on a journey that takes her from 1880’s Norway to the harsh Minnesota prairie in search of love, purpose, and an honest life. Years later, young Solvi escapes her family’s bourgeois conformity to unlock the mysteries of her grandfather’s hidden shame and the fate of a lost feminist heroine.

“So much more than a sequel, searching for Nora is a masterful tale . . . lyrically told (and) meticulously researched . . . I couldn’t put it down.” Joanne Lipman,

''Part family drama, part evocation of early feminism... the work takes us on a satisfying and altogether believable journey as Nora's story comes full circle across the generations.'' --Rick Davis,

Read an a selection from the book

October 19 (Saturday) 5 PM Jorgen Flood on Norway and Sweden – Pot Luck Dinner

Jorgen has been writing books on the Vikings, World War II, Norwegian History, Tanks, and Train. He has been writing since 2008.  He is an engaging speaker with a great interest in Norway. Here is a sample of his writing

“Did you know that in 1940 Norway had two separate Air Forces Not only that, these air arms manufactured a number of airplanes themselves, some of which were quite successful. Though not exactly at the forefront of aviation history, the tale of military flying in Norway is both exciting and dramatic. The two air arms were operated by the Army and Navy respectively, which was the case in most countries at that time. In 1944 they were combined, under the exciting name Luftforsvaret (Air Force), or as it is usually termed in English, Royal Norwegian Air Force. RNoAF.”   (from “Made in Norway: Marinens Flyvevåpen, 1912 -1944” Jorgen Flood

November 16 (Saturday) 4 PM Janet Paxton on the Vikings –Pot Luck Dinner - The time has been changed

Scandinavian voyages of exploration in the Atlantic.

The Scandinavian voyages of exploration of Iceland, Greenland, and the east coast of North America were turning points in history and were great adventures.  Professor Paxton tells this dramatic story using historical writings and modern research. 

“Dr. Jennifer Paxton is Assistant Director of the University Honors Program and Clinical Assistant Professor of History at The Catholic University of America. She was previously a Professorial Lecturer in History at Georgetown University, where she taught for more than a decade. The holder of a doctorate in history from Harvard University, where she has also taught and earned a Certificate of Distinction, Professor Paxton is both a widely published award-winning writer and a highly regarded scholar, earning both a Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities and a Frank Knox Memorial Traveling Fellowship. She lectures regularly on medieval history at the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, Virginia, and has also been invited to speak on British history at the Smithsonian Institution and the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC.”  (Great Courses Website)

“Jennifer Paxton held the Washington, D.C., lodge of the Sons of Norway spellbound as she spoke on the topic, ‘How the Vikings Changed England.’ … Professor Paxton enthralled her audience with her knowledge and her passion for the subject.” Christine Foster Meloni, Norwegian American July 14, 2017

NOTE the time; the meeting will start at 4 PM with Dr. Paxton’s talk. 

December 6 Friday 10 AM to 6 PM; 
December 7 Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM
Friday and Saturday Our Annual Holiday Festival and Bazaar
Christ Lutheran Church 

Come out for two days of live music, a huge variety of imported foods (we have nokkelost!), lefse, krumkaker, and waffles hot off the griddle, sweaters, jewelry, cookbooks, traditional baked goods, unique gift ideas, craft and cooking demonstrations (lefse, krumkakker, vaffler), folk dancing, rosemaling by Tina Keune, and much more. 

Be sure to join us for lunch and/or kaffe og kake (coffee and cake) in our Norwegian Cafe —menu includes baked goods, open-faced sandwiches, authentic Norwegian pea soup served with cheese/Norwegian flatbread, Norwegian-styled hot dogs, lingonberry beverage, coffee, Solo, and other soft drinks.

December 15 Sunday 4 PM
Norwegian Christmas (Juletrefest).

Celebrate this joyous Norwegian feast. Festivities includes authentic Norwegian food, songs, dances and other merry making. Connect you children and grandchildren to their Norwegian heritage. 

Reading Circle's October Selection

The lodge's Reading Circle will meet at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, October 22, to discuss Autumn by Karl Ove Knausgaard. Knausgaard became internationally acclaimed for My Struggle, his six autobiographical novels. Autumn is the first in his autobiographical quadrilogy based on the seasons. It is a letter he writes to his unborn daughter, describing in great detail the world she will soon enter.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP Christine Meloni at We usually meet at Norway House but we occasionally meet in members' homes. Although rare, the date is sometimes changed due to weather or other compelling circumstances.  

Reading Circle's December Selection

The Reading Circle will meet on Tuesday, December 10th, to discuss John Steinbeck's The Moon is Down. This novel was written during World War II and tells of the invasion of a peaceful country by a ruthless power. The conqueror and the conquered are not explicitly named but it is widely accepted to be the story of the Nazi invasion of Norway. Steinbeck considers the effects on everyone involved and reveals the presence of good and evil on both sides

If you plan to attend, please RSVP Christine Meloni at We usually meet at Norway House but we occasionally meet in members' homes. Although rare, the date is sometimes changed due to weather or other compelling circumstances.  

Sign Up Now for Longship Cruise, Sept. 7

Our Lodge is invited for a voyage on The Longship Company’s 39 foot replica Viking boat Sae Hrafn (Sea Raven) on September 7. Rain date is September 14. We’ll depart at noon from a private dock in Avenue, MD. The trip will last around four hours with a short shore break in the middle. As a crew member you will help row the longship but no experience is needed. The rowing is not too strenuous. If the winds are favorable, the sail will be hoisted. A towboat will accompany us at all times.Avenue, Maryland is in southern Maryland, about an hour and 40 minutes from Norway House. Bring lunch, snacks and plenty of water. Space is limited. All are welcome. Priority given to Lodge members.

RSVPs are required. For more information and to RSVP call Henry Hansen at 703-815-4945 or email Henry Hansen

For information on the Longship Company.

Norwegian Language & Conversation

Meets every Wednesday
Beginner 6 PM, Intermediate 7 PM, Advanced 8 PM

Starting in January, students will return to the previous text book for the first two levels: Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge, available online.
 Contact the instructor at for more information.

See Meetings and Events for more information.

 You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

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