Since its inception in 1928, the Norway-based organization, Tubfrim, has been raising money to help children. Originally started to aid children afflicted by tuberculosis, the organization now works to improve the quality of life for children and youth with handicaps as well.

Sons of Norway members have been an integral part of Tubfrim’s success since 1986. Lodges and individuals participate by clipping used stamps and sending them to Tubfrim, which sells them to dealers and collectors.

Please save stamps for TUBFRIM. The perforation must be intact, so leave a 1⁄2 inch margin of (single thickness) paper around the stamp. Whole postcards more than 50 years old are also acceptable. Bring them to any meeting to Bill or Pat DeRoche. You may turn in any quantity. If you turn in a pound of trimmed stamps, your name will be submitted for the next yearly drawing for air tickets to Scandinavia on IcelandAir—one chance for each pound of stamps. Email Pat DeRoche (Pderoche5@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

Tubfrim Reports from Washington Lodge

December 2021: In 2021 we submitted 11 pounds of stamps that were collected in 2021. Most of these came from stamp collectors in Arizona by way of Pat DeRoche's sister who lives in a retirement community. At least 3 pounds came from lodge members. In 2020 our total was 12 pounds.

January 2020: We submitted 14 pounds of stamps in 2019. We already received our first pound for 2020. Thanks to everyone who submitted stamps.

February 2018: For every pound of stamps donated in 2018 you, or Washington Lodge, earns one entry in the 2018 race for an airline ticket to Scandinavia. Give your used stamps from any nation to Pat DeRoche, or leave them at the front hall table at Norway House.

December 2017: Every lodge member who donates an ounce or more by the December 10th Jultrefest may be eligible to win the 2017 raffle of a roundtrip ticket to Norway. For each pound of stamps contributed, one raffle entry can be submitted.

June 2017: For every pound of stamps donated in 2017, you, or Washington Lodge, earns one entry into the 2017 raffle for an airline ticket to Scandinavia. Give your used stamps from any nation to Pat DeRoche, or leave them on the front hall table at Norway House. Tubfrim is a charity benefiting children in Norway.

Oct. 2015: Thank you for stamp submissions this year. Pat DeRoche is currently mailing 7 pounds of stamps to the 3D coordinator. If you have more stamps to submit for the 2015 raffle, please get them to Bill or Pat by the December meeting. Pat trims the stamps to 1/3” margin before sending them on to Tubfrim. If you turn in a pound of trimmed stamps, your name will be submitted for the drawing run by Sons of Norway International for air tickets to Norway. The stamps may be of any nationality.

Jan. 2014: Thanks to the following who donated over 11 lbs. of used stamps to Tubfrim in 2013: Greta Dahlman, Herman Gossenberger, Keith Olson, Charlotte Olson, Greg Ovrebo and Christine Meloni. In addition, 16 lbs. of stamps from Karon Plasha, Ellen Haberlein and Denise Bowden will be credited to the 2014 collection. All 27 lbs. of stamps have been shipped by Pat DeRoche to the Third District Tubfrim contact in N.J.

2013: The Lodge would like to thank Charlotte Olson of Alexandria, VA for her generous donation of stamps from all over the world. These stamps will go to support TUBFIRM in Norway.

2009: Tubfrim Chairman Pat DeRoche says, “Thank You to all used stamp contributors in 2009. The lodge turned in 18 pounds of stamps from these members: Elisabeth Beatriz (and her Danish cousin Mr. Frese-Madsen), Marilyn Benson, Denise Bowden, Janice Brown, Greta Dahlman, Pat DeRoche, Anne Eason, Marit Grachow, Pam Hackett, Percival Hanson, Marilyn Holbeck, Kristi Johnson, Pat Klove, Christine Meloni, Rick Nelson, Brit Peterson, Cleeta Schrimper, and Bill Simenson.”

2008: The lodge turned in 19 pounds of used stamps for the 2008 TUBFRIM drive. Tusen Takk to the following contributors: Percival Hanson, Bing Sisson, Cleeta Schrimper, Pam Hackett, Sylvia Nelson, Queenie Sheldahl, Kristi Johnson, Brit Peterson, Pat DeRoche, Marilyn Benson, Janet Hoveland, Norm Hines, Elisabeth Beatrez, Rick Nelson and Harold Andrus. —Pat DeRoche

2007: TUBFRIM charity in Norway received stamps donated in 2007 by lodge members, including: Rick Nelson, Anne Eason, Pam Hackett, Pat Miller, Janice Brown, Peg Paulson, Marilyn Benson, Marit Grachow, Billie Jameson, Melanie Taylor, Pat Klove, Brit Peterson, Judy Kee, Kristi Johnson, Janet Hoveland, Elisabeth Beatrez, Pat DeRoche. Tusen Takk!

More About Tubfrim

Ever Wonder What is TUBFRIM?

The answer, in the words of www.tubfrim.no:

Postmaster Ditlef Frantzen in Nesbyen established TUBFRIM in 1928. The aim was to collect and sell used stamps and use the proceeds to aid the eradication of tuberculosis among Norwegian children. The first profit was made in 1929 and amounted to NOK 1.500. Profits varied in the following years from NOK 8.000, in 1940, to NOK 25.000, in 1947. TUBFRIM has made good progress since from then and profits in 1970 were NOK 150.000, growing to NOK 620.000 in 2007.

TUBFRIM is owned by the Norwegian Health Association (Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen). Today the profits are used to help handicapped children and youth in Norway, and to finance the efforts to eradicate tuberculosis.

Please, never throw away canceled stamps and phonecards. Stamps and phonecards from any country in the world can be used. All types of stamps and phonecards are received with thanks. We give them a "new" value.

Just cut or tear the stamps off the envelopes, leaving a slight margin (approx. 1/4 inch) to keep the perforation intact. Damaged stamps (damaged perforation, edges etc.) are worthless and are to be thrown away. (Damaged phonecards are also to be thrown away.)

We are also happy to receive stamp collections, old envelopes, covers and postcards. If envelopes, postcards etc. are more than 50 years old, then please do not cut off the stamp, but send us the whole envelope/postcard! Used postage stamps and phonecards may be sent as surface mail directly to TUBFRIM, NO-3540 Nesbyen, Norway.

In USA you may also send stamps and telephone cards to the nearest participating Sons of Norway lodge, or to the Norwegian Seamen's Church in San Francisco or in San Pedro. The material is sent to Norway by Star Shipping and DFDS Transport free of charge or with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) at very low costs.

Most Norwegian Embassies, Consulates, Seamen's Churches and many private persons and groups participate in the TUBFRIM program. Outside of Norway, the greatest collection takes place in the United States through the organization Sons of Norway.

We sincerely thank those of you who loyally send us stamps and telephone cards, and we heartily welcome new collectors.