Youth  Activities

Youth Activities

My goal as youth director is to make Sons of Norway and especially our Norway House a welcoming place for families including their younger members.  According to my grandchildren (Heidi 7 and Harrison 5)  the playroom downstairs is the best part of Norway house and they would like to thank all those who cleared out the merchandise that had been covering the toys.  I plan to use the playroom and/or library as a gathering place where the younger attendees can participate in some supervised activities while adult family members attend the business part of the meeting. I'll usually be there with my grandchildren and would be happy to have other youth join us.  I'd also welcome volunteers (either adults or older youth) to help with activities that require extra supervision, or in case I miss a meeting (I already know I won't be there in March because my husband and I will be camping Viking style in our portable longhouse in Mississippi).  

What I have in mind is not just "babysitting" but some activities to awaken interest in Norwegian culture among the youth of the lodge.  One way that youth can participate is through earning cultural skills pins.  While there are a few Cultural Skills Programs designed specifically for youth, I am confident that our youth, with a little adult help, can also earn many of pins designed for adults.  The first one I have chosen is Norwegian Literature.  Norwegian and Norwegian-American authors have provided a wide variety of books suitable for youth of all ages and we will be reading some of them downstairs during business meetings.  Later we can also work on the reports and other activities required for the cultural pin.    I have prepared an overview of the requirements for the Norwegian Literature Part 1 pin, with my suggestions for younger participants. To access the overview,  select Activities on the top menu and then select the down arrow next to Youth Activities. Then select Youth Reading.