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February  Lodge Meeting  Solje, Sylvsmidja, and  Norwegian Independence  

Saturday, February  17—hybrid meeting  

Doors open 4 PM, Potluck 5 PM, Presentation 7 PM  

Norway House 3846 Meredith Dr.  Fairfax, VA 22030 (Directions)  

Our February meeting will feature an in-person presentation by Anne Kari Salbu, co-owner of Sylvsmidja, an artisanal jewelry  company headquartered in Voss, Norway. Sylvsmidja was  founded in 1940 and, through its meticulously researched  designs and craftsmanship, has become the largest producer of  handcrafted bunad silver in the world.

 Anna Kari is an expert on Norwegian craft and costumes and has presented at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, IA.  Topics she will cover at our meeting include the mysteries hidden in solje (the uniquely Norwegian bunad jewelry), the role of the bunad in the fight for freedom, the Viking finds in Nordfjord that inspired Sylsmidga’s Sagastad collection, and the  dramatic start of the company in 1940.  All are welcome.  Anne Kari Salbu at the 2022 jewelry exhibit at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum in  Decorah, IA.  

Doors will open at 4 PM for setup. Dinner will start around 5 PM and the presentation around 7 PM. A Zoom link for the presentation portion of the meeting will be emailed closer to the meeting date.  Questions? Email Bill DeRoche at Programs@NorwayDC.org.

In honor of the award of the Nobel Prize in literature to Jon Fosse, we have added a page to the reading circle website with articles by Christine Meloni on Fosse and his work.     

Click to check out the Jon Fosse Page

 Language Classes Resume 

The lodge offers beginning, intermediate and advanced Norwegian language classes every Thursday evening at Norway House. Our instructor is Anne-Grethe Phillips, a native Norwegian speaker with many years of experience as a certified Norwegian/English teacher. See page 9 of the January Newsletter.

The Lady from the Sea by Ibsen

Reading Circle, February 20, 7:30 PM - Zoom only

The play selected for 2024 is The Lady from the Sea, the first of Ibsen's mystical psychological dramas. The discussion will take place on Tuesday, February 20, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm on Zoom.  The Lady from the Sea is an 1888 play by Henrik Ibsen written in five acts. The action takes place in a small fjord town in Northern Norway and depicts the life of Ellida Wangel, a woman in love with the sea, who must choose to either stay on land with her husband or sail the seas with her former lover.”

Please RSVP to Reading Circle Coordinator Christine Meloni at Reading@NorwayDC.org to receive the Zoom link. 

Research Tips from Lodge Members  
Saturday, February 24, 3 pm - Zoom  only 

GIG member Rhoda Olsrud Mackenzie will present “How I Created My Surname Book.” Rhoda is a  member of Sons of Norway who lives in the retirement community of Asbury Methodist Village in  Gaithersburg, MD. Three of her grandparents were born in Norway. One grandmother, born in Iowa,  had a mother born in Norway and a father born in Scotland. Rhoda self-published a book of  Norwegian family history.  

Also, GIG member Alan Olson will discuss his experience with Lags in Minnesota. 

For more information contact Joel Myklebust, Genealogy Interest Group Co-chair genealogy@NorwayDC.org.

Operation Rype with Historian Frode Lindgjerdet
Sunday, February 25 3 PM - Zoom only

Norwegian historian and writer Frode Lindgjerdet will present Operation Rype during our February Norwegian History Roundtable  (NHR). Frode, who holds a teaching position in history at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, is noted for his expertise in  modern warfare with a particular focus on Norway's role in World  War II. Last year he wrote the book Operation Rype: A WWII OSS Railway Sabotage Mission in Norway.  The codename "Rype" referred to the American airborne unit deployed in the Norwegian mountains of Snåsa on March 24, 1945, during World War II. Their mission was to conduct sabotage operations  behind enemy lines. Operating from the Gjefsjøen mountain farm, the group successfully sabotaged railroads, aiming to impede the German forces' withdrawal from northern Norway. 

Notably, Rype marked the sole US operation on Norwegian soil in WW2. Affiliated with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a WWII US intelligence  agency and precursor to the CIA, the unit was primarily comprised of Norwegian Americans recruited from the 99th Infantry Battalion of the US Army. Led by future CIA chief William Colby, the unit's legacy lives on through  Task Force RYPE of the Norwegian National Guard in Trøndelag, which adopted the name. 

The Zoom meeting will start at 3 PM on Sunday, February 25. Contact Bill DeRoche Programs@norwayDC.org to get a link to the program.

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Cultural Skills

This fall the lodge is running a Cooking Pin Challenge.  Photograph the Norwegian treats and main dishes you cook this fall, and let’s see how many lodge members can earn a first, second, or third cultural skills pin before the end of the year!  Email culturalskills@norwaydc.org to find out more about the Cultural Skills program.