2023 Calendar

This is a the tentative calendar of events for 2023.   The festival dates will be included when they are decided by the lodge.

January 19      Thursday          Norwegian Language Class

January 21     Saturday     Lodge Meeting, Investiture of Officers

January 28      Saturday          Open discussion on directions for the GIG

January 29      Sunday             History Group planning meeting

February 14    Tuesday           Reading Circle – The Reindeer Hunters by Lars Mytting

February 18   Saturday          Lodge Meeting  "Having fun and other stories" 

February 25    Saturday          GIG - Jens Johan Hyvik, 1814 – 1850 in Norway

February 26   Sunday             History Group – The History behind the Movie "Narvik"

March 18         Saturday          Lodge Meeting - Modern Norwegian Design

March 25`       Saturday          Information on Immigration Research  GIG

March 26         Sunday             History Group – The Tragedy of Telavåg

April 15            Saturday          New Members Brunch

April 18            Tuesday           Reading Circle – The Grandmaster: by Brin-Jonathan Butler

April 22            Saturday          Eleanor Brinsko on Norwegian immigrants in the Midwest.

April 30 Sunday Discussion with Don Pugnetti Jr, on the Norwegian resistance,

May 14            Wednesday     Syttende Mai Family Picnic Carderock Park, Maryland

May 27            Saturday          GIG - Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde on Kristoffer Trondssen Rustung

June 17            Saturday          Lodge Meeting

June 20            Tuesday           Reading Circle –The Ice Swimmer by Kjell Ola Dahl

July 15              Saturday          Lodge Picnic

August 20        Sunday            Lodge Picnic 

August 22        Tuesday           Reading Circle– An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

September 16 Saturday          Lodge Meeting

October 17     Tuesday           Reading Circle – Men in My Situation by Per Petterson

October 21     Saturday          Lodge Meeting  Norse Myths with Dr. Lilla Kopár 

October 28 Saturday GIG - Vidar L. Haanes on Haugeanism in Norway and the US

November 18 Saturday          Lodge Meeting  Janet Oakley

December 17 Sunday             Lodge Christmas Party

December 19 Tuesday           Reading Circle – Through Naked Branches by Tarjei Vesaas