Calendar 2024

Calendar 2024 (Tentative) 


January 13 Saturday                Genealogy Interest Group - Resources of the North Dakota State Archives 

January 20      Saturday              Lodge Meeting – installation of officers - In Person only

February 17    Saturday              Lodge Meeting – -Solje, Sylvsmidja, and Norwegian Independence - Hybrid

February 20    Tuesday                Reading Circle - Lady from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen

February 24 Saturday Genealogy Interest Group -Family Stories with Rhoda MacKenzie and Alan Olson 

February 25    Sunday                  Norwegian History Roundtable -Operation "RPYE"- Zoom only.

March 16         Saturday              Lodge Meeting - Traveling to Norway – Hybrid

March 17       Sunday                  Norwegian History Roundtable - Norwegian War Sailors -Zoom only.

March 23 Saturday               Genealogy Interest Group - Arlen Twedt, author of books on Central Iowa Norwegians 

April 16            Tuesday                Reading Circle - The Assistant by Kjell Ola Dahl

April 20            Saturday             New Member Brunch   In person

April 27                 Saturday               Genealogy Interest Group - Laurie Jaghlit on her family history web site 

April 28            Sunday                 Norwegian History Roundtable - Miss Oslo and the Norwegian Resistance -Zoom only.

May                                                        No lodge Programs this month.

May 25 Saturday       Genealogy Interest Group - Dana Kelly, of the Norwegian American Genealogy Center 

June 15            Saturday              Picnic

June 18            Tuesday                 Reading Circle - The 12th Man by Astrid Scott and Tore Haug

July 20              Saturday           Picnic

August 18        Sunday             Picnic

August 20        Tuesday            Reading Circle - The Other Name by 2023 Nobel Prize Winner Jon Fosse

September 21 Saturday           Lodge Meeting - Hybrid

October 19     Saturday           Lodge Meeting – Hybrid

October 15     Tuesday           Reading Circle - - The Northern Lights by Lucy Jago

November 1? Friday               Festival

November 2? Saturday           Festival

November 16 Saturday           Lodge Meeting Zoom only.

November 30?   Saturday           Festival

December 1?  Sunday             Festival

December 15 Sunday             Juletrefest (Christmas Party) In person

December 17 Tuesday            Reading Circle -Novel 11, Book 18 by Dag Solstad-