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June 22, 2024 

Lodge Picnics  Starting on Saturday June 22 at 5 PM

Update:  We will have the picnic as planned.  

There is a Heat Advisory for Fairfax and heat index values up to to 108 are expected. 

Vulnerable persons are strongly advised to skip this event.

Most of the activities will be in our air-conditioned lodge hall.

Summer has arrived and, with it, the delight of picnics! Join us for a delicious summer repast featuring barbecued meats prepared by our Grill Master, Greg Ovrebo. Tempting salads, delectable side dishes, and scrumptious desserts will be prepared by you, our members and friends. Soft drinks will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own beer and wine. We’ll haves some lawn games out, too. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. 

We’ll hold two more summer picnics — Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, August 18 — and will return to regular meetings with presentations in September

In honor of the award of the Nobel Prize in literature to Jon Fosse, we have added a page to the reading circle website with articles by Christine Meloni on Fosse and his work.     

Click to check out the Jon Fosse Page

Reading Circle, Tuesday, June 18, 7:30 pm, Zoom
The 12th Man by Astrid Karlsen Scott and Tore Haug 

Norwegian Americans cannot seem to read enough about Norway and World War II. This war continues to be a very popular subject. The members of the lodge's Reading Circle frequently choose a WWII book, and this year the June selection is The Twelfth Man: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance. This book focuses on one particular Norwegian, Jan Baalsrud, and his incredible escape from the German Gestapo who were hot on his trail. Although it is a non-fiction book, his story seems too amazing to be true. Rest assured, however, that the authors have documented the story with meticulous research. 

The late Astrid Scott was a member of our lodge and helped set up the annual festival.

Everyone is welcome to join us for a lively discussion of this Norwegian hero. We will meet on Zoom at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, June 18th. If you plan to attend, contact Christine Meloni at reading@norwaydc.org for the Zoom link. Submitted by Christine Foster 

 Language Classes Resume 

The lodge offers beginning, intermediate and advanced Norwegian language classes every Thursday evening at Norway House. Our instructor is Anne-Grethe Phillips, a native Norwegian speaker with many years of experience as a certified Norwegian/English teacher. See page 9 of the January Newsletter.

GIG, Saturday, June 29, 3 pm, Zoom

Your DNA Segments vs. Shared DNA Segments

This presentation will provide a basic understanding of genetic genealogy. You get DNA segments that are passed down from your ancestors - large segments from close ancestors, smaller segments from distant ancestors. Each of your DNA matches shares some amount of DNA with you. In general, closer relatives share a lot of DNA in multiple shared segments and distant relatives only share one small segment. All are useful in your genealogy.

 NOTE: The presentation will be shorter than usual with a much longer Q&A period planned. Come with questions! Presenter: Jim Bartlett is in his 50th year as a genealogy researcher and in his 22nd year using DNA to expand his genealogical research. He explains facets of genetic genealogy in his blog segmentology and presents at local meetings and international conferences. He wrote “Lessons Learned from Triangulating a Genome” for the book Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies published by Wayne Research in 2019.

 To get on the GIG mailing list and receive Zoom links, email genealogy@NorwayDC.org

Welcome to our Website

Are you interested in Norway Literature, History, Folklore, Genealogy, Food, or Language? Do you want to connect to your roots, study the Viking age or the Norwegian Resistance in WWII, or discuss the latest in Norwegian culture?
The Sons of Norway members in the nation's capital, representing a diversity of background and nationality, share an interest in Norwegian and Scandinavian Culture. We trust that all ages will find something of interest -- in our web site and in our lodge. We have almost 400 members. Most are from the local area of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, but we also have members from another 16 states as well as Norway, Canada, and Great Britain.

For information on membership, contact Jeff Jorgenson  at Jas_jorgenson@yahoo.com

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Cultural Skills

This fall the lodge is running a Cooking Pin Challenge.  Photograph the Norwegian treats and main dishes you cook this fall, and let’s see how many lodge members can earn a first, second, or third cultural skills pin before the end of the year!  Email culturalskills@norwaydc.org to find out more about the Cultural Skills program.